Computer Assisted Surgery

Computer Assisted Surgery

Computer assisted surgery (CAS) is nothing short of a surgical breakthrough. By utilizing an infrared navigation camera, wireless Smart Instruments, and intuitive software, this technology improves a surgeon’s ability to visualize a patient’s anatomy, track instruments, and deliver greater surgical precision.

In orthopedic surgery, there is a well-recognized relation between accuracy and outcome. Well aligned knee or hip replacement will last longer. this achieved by CAS. It is computer’s feedback combined with surgeon’s judgment to perform a task better than either machine or human alone.

While you may not realize it, one of the most critical aspects of a joint replacement surgery is to ensure proper positioning of the implanted joint. An incorrectly aligned joint can lead to early wear and loosening of the joint replacement. Similar to the alignment of the wheels on your car, a poorly aligned joint replacement will cause problems with early wear of the replacement.

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Why CAS?

  • CAS creates virtual reality images which enable a surgeon to execute surgery exactly as planned.
  • CAS helps in getting a good alignment as well as accurate ligament balancing.
  • CAS also helps in complex surgeries as well as in those patients with previous surgeries with implants.

How CAS works ?

  • Wireless computer system with small camera & arrays.
  • Computer assesses the data received via infrared signals from the arrays & creates a bone model specific to the patient and thus guides the surgeon to align the implant and balance the ligaments with greater precision and accuracy.